Raymond Baptist Church
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Reach, Teach, and Encourage. - Acts 1:8

Children's Ministries

Our children's ministries rank among the most important within our church.  We realize that the children are the heartbeat of our church. During the Sunday School hour, appropriate classes are provided for all age groups.  Raymond Baptist Church strives to provide quality biblical instruction for the children beginning at a very young age.  Sunday School teachers are dedicated to studying the Word of God and following Christ through a personal relationship.
On Sunday evenings, we have a Bible lesson and activities for ages K-5th grade.
At Raymond, we love our children and are very proud of them.  We seek to nurture and disciple them in a variety of ways.  It is our goal to bring them up in a complete knowledge of the Lord.  We desire to give them the opportunity to know the Lord and accept Him at an early age.  We pray a hedge of protection around them; so they can grow to full adulthood without being traumatized by our world.  We see them, not as our future church, but as a very important present part of our church.  We would love for you to bring your children to Raymond Baptist Church where they can become a vital part of our children's ministry programs.