Raymond Baptist Church
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Reach, Teach, and Encourage. - Acts 1:8

Church Vision Statement

Raymond Baptist Church Ten Year Dream (Vision)
We dream of our church holding the God given scripture, the Bible, as her sole mandate and direction. The Bible is God’s Word to us without any mixture of error.
We dream of our church providing an opportunity for our youth and encourage them to be involved in a significant ministry within the church and a mission outside the church. In so doing, two adults will develop a significant relationship with each youth within the church. Our youth will be led into in depth application Bible study. They will grow to understand and apply God’s principles to their lives. Because of this they will be less tempted to buy into their cultural norms of co-habitation, sex outside of marriage, alcohol use, drug use, and other worldly acceptable activities. We dream of these actions resulting in the church dropout rate for our youth between 16 and 22 years of age dropping from 95% to a maximum of 40 %. 
We dream of our church being a welcoming people. This welcoming will move from a passive level to an active level. Not only will a person who comes within our church facilities be surrounded by our people expressing genuine interest, but our people would seek opportunities everywhere to invite people to be with us and a part of us. This will begin with a gracious smile and a loving introduction. This expression will be to peoples of all colors, creeds, and nationalities. We as a people of God will be willing to have our lives interrupted in order to touch and love others that God created and loves.
We dream of our church being a people in whom worship is a major purpose and priority in our lives. We will recognize that music style and order of service is not relevant to our definition of worship. We will utilize various creative ministries, adult and children’s choirs, and any available technology to aid our worship.  These things are merely tools to aid us in worship. We will be a people who do not limit our worship to one hour on Sunday morning, but through every moment of our lives. We will develop an excitement for gathering together as a family of God that causes us to make those opportunities to worship together a priority in our lives. We will make home family worship a practice in our lives. 
We dream of our church being a people who possess a passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with every one that becomes a part of our daily lives. We will do that in many and varied ways. Lifestyle Evangelism – We will develop relationships with lost people with the hope that the Holy Spirit will, through our developing a level of trust with them, give us an opportunity to share the story of our wonderful Jesus. Servant Evangelism – We will seek opportunities in our daily lives and special church events to serve others with the goal of “Expressing God’s love in a practical way.” Outreach – We will plan ways to go out into the community to seek opportunities to connect with people, giving them an opportunity to move closer to the ability to know our Lord. We will provide means and opportunities for children from unchurched homes to come to Sunday School, VBS, and all other programs teaching about Jesus. Proclamation – We will make a simple but clear presentation of the Good News in every church assembly in which lost people are likely present. We will invite each individual the Holy Spirit uses to bring a person to a saving relationship with the Lord to present that new Christian to our church. We dream of our Lord bringing 40 people annually through our baptismal waters.
We dream of our church being a people who seek every opportunity to aid each other in our spiritual growth. We will equip Christians for faithful service even when they move beyond our influence. (Ex. Graduating Seniors) We will do that with Sunday School for all ages, training in sharing the Good News, classes to teach Biblical doctrines, teaching new members about our church and the Christian life, teaching missions, and teaching life issues classes. All classes will be age appropriate. These classes could be many and varied such as parenting, addiction, divorce, waning health, single parenting, grief, etc. We will be a people who model the Christian values as an example for people to follow. We will see people drawn to the Lord and our church because of our lives.
We dream of our church being a people who are so in love with God and God’s people that they seek every possible opportunity to be together. This will be seen in church given opportunities to come together to get to know each other better. It will also be seen in our church seeking opportunities to gather in each other’s homes and elsewhere. These would be but not limited to camping, hunting, fishing, coffees, Christmas parties, birthday parties, picnics, home Bible studies, and one family inviting another family into their home. We will have a third space within our future buildings where people can gather for coffee and conversation.
We dream of our church being a people who share the love of God through ministry to others. We will continually seek opportunities to accomplish this. This ministry will include those of our members who are no longer able to come to the church facilities. We begin with ministry within our own church family with our benevolence fund to our families in times of special need. We continue out with our aid to needy in our community through the Irvington Area Ministerial Association food closet. We seek opportunities to minister to others in need through short term mission trips by material aid as well as sharing the Gospel message. We look forward to the ability to participate in an international mission trip. One of those would be through an invitation given us by the pastor our church adopted in Africa. He has invited us to come and do just that.
We dream of our church being a people of prayer. Personal prayer will be a regular and continual part of our lives. Corporate (the church gathered) prayer will become a passion that will drive us to place that as a priority in our lives. We will participate in various special prayer emphasis events. We will encourage prayer testimonies within our worship services. In future buildings We will have a prayer room that will be open to people around the clock. 
We dream of our church purchasing such properties that might become available and building buildings that would facilitate the accomplishment of the other dreams as given by God. We see the properties and buildings as being beautiful, but simple. We seem them as being functional above all else. We see them having space for a choir to lead in worship and give performances. We see them having practice space for adult and children’s choirs. We see the entrance space allowing opportunities for greetings and for hanging of coats and umbrellas. We see men’s and women’s restrooms in this space. We see fellowship space large enough to be used for fellowship and worship if remodel or construction of such space be undertaken. We see space being provided for a library and a resource center.  All educational space will be age appropriate in size. Appropriate playground space will located near children’s classroom areas. We see classrooms being inviting. We see our people having such pride in what God has provided that they will commit time and energy to maintain and keep them beautiful. We see our properties being a tool to be used for growing God’s kingdom. We see our people having such an excitement about them that they would want all their friends and neighbors to come and see.
We dream of our church having the faith to know that if these dreams are indeed given by God they will be accomplished. We see our church recognizing that God will provide the increase, but We very well may need to suffer great sacrifice, struggle and heartache in the process. We will proceed with full recognition that God is Worthy.
We dream of our church becoming God’s church for kingdom work and our average attendance moving from nearly 100 to 300.
And God’s People Said Amen and Amen.