Raymond Baptist Church
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Reach, Teach, and Encourage. - Acts 1:8

Women on Mission

Why is missions important?  In short, missions is important because God commanded us to go and tell others about Him and His love for the world. Women on Mission (WOM) enables all church members to understand and become involved in the mission of God.  Although WOM is geared toward women, we involve the entire church family in our mission projects – children, youth, and men.
We do not limit our mission work to the local area.  We have shared God’s love with people in Guatemala, Ukraine, Korea, and Peru. We are working together to spread God’s word, strengthen our faith through prayer, and support each other in winning souls to Christ.  
We contribute to missions in a number of ways – Christmas Shoebox Ministry, food baskets, Annie Armstrong Offering, Eliza Broadus Offering, Children’s Homes, nursing homes, Lois Hart Offering, our church Building Fund, and our military personnel.  If you are interested in sharing the love of God through ministry to others, please join us.  We have monthly meetings – the second Sunday of every month at 5:00 p.m.